About Swami Ji

Swami Shivanand Ji


Swami Shivanand Ji’s teaching is deeply rooted in the tradition of the great Himalayan Masters. His knowledge was transmitted to him by his Guru when he was 16. He is well known for his flexibility and ability to perform advanced asanas, as well as for his very gentle and spiritual approach. His unique way of teaching is suitable for total beginners to advanced level. He encourages space and silence within you, giving you a deeper insight into the benefits of the practice. There is a lot of emphasis on improving suppleness of the spine and joints. He specializes in Kriyas(purification techniques, internal body cleansing) and Yoga therapy. His hometown is Varanasi (North India).

If you want to know more about Swami Shivanand Ji’s remarkable spiritual journey, read the documentary photographer Jean-Philippe Soulé’s portrait “The way of the Sadhu.” 

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